1. To be eligible for the First $250 On Us program, a patron must;
    1. enroll as a new member in the One Rewards (ONE) program at Casino Woodbine,
    1. provide One Toronto Gaming (OTG) with an eligible mailing and/or email address on the date of enrollment,
    1. provide OTG with consent to send promotional material to the mailing and/or email address in the ONE account on the date of enrollment, and
    1. meet the rated play requirement as listed in these Terms and Conditions on the date of enrollment.
  2. Current members of the ONE program who are enrolled at another OTG property, and are visiting Casino Woodbine for the first time, are not considered new members and therefore are not eligible to participate in the First $250 On Us program.
  3. The First $250 On Us program is in effect beginning Sunday, September 1, 2019. ONE members who previously enrolled in the program at any OTG property are not eligible to participate.

  4. In order to meet the rated play requirement, ONE members must record a rated slot loss of twenty dollars ($20.00 CAD) or more.
  5. Rated slot loss is recorded automatically within the OTG Gaming Management System (GMS). To record a rated slot loss, the ONE member’s cashable credits bet must exceed the sum of cashable credits removed plus the value of hand-paid jackpots awarded to the member. The calculation for a ONE member who bets one hundred dollars ($100.00 CAD), wins a hand-paid jackpot of twenty dollars ($20.00) and cashes out fifty dollars ($50.00 CAD) in cashable credits would be; 100 – (20 + 50) = 30. The ONE member would record a rated slot loss of thirty dollars ($30.00 CAD).
  6. Bets made with free play awards are not considered cashable credits and do not count toward the rated play criteria.
  7. Bets made and jackpots awarded at live table games are not eligible for the First $250 On Us program.
  8. ONE members are responsible for ensuring their membership card is properly inserted in an eligible slot machine or electronic table game (etable) in order to record rated play.

  9. ONE members who record a rated slot loss of twenty dollars ($20.00 CAD) or more, on their date of enrollment, are eligible to receive the value of their loss, to a maximum of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00 CAD), in free play credits separated equally into two (2) offer periods. For example, a ONE member with a rated slot loss of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00 CAD) will be eligible to receive two free play offers valued at seventy-five dollars ($75.00 CAD) each.
  10. Offers are awarded as free play credits and have no cash value. Free play credits are redeemable on eligible slot machines, they are not redeemable on etable games or live table games.
  11. Each offer must be redeemed within the period stipulated on the coupon received. Once the listed offer period has passed, the coupon will be considered expired and the offer void.
  12. Offers are non-transferable.

  13. As per the ONE program Terms and Conditions, any membership card used in this program can only be used by the named cardholder. The use of any other person’s membership card(s) to participate in this program will result in any issued coupons being null and void and ineligible to receive any awards.
  14. OTG is not responsible for commencing, continuing or completing the First $250 On Us program, or awarding prizes in the event of circumstances beyond OTG’s control. OTG may, at its sole discretion, change or alter this program, and/or amend these Terms and Conditions, as OTG deems necessary.
  15. These Terms and Conditions govern this program and must always be followed by all eligible participants. By agreeing to participate in the First $250 On Us program, all participants agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

Questions relating to this program may be answered by visiting the One Rewards desk.